Business Lines

TECNOCEMENTO exclusive international distributor

It is aimed at those companies which, owing to their size or their own interests wished to set up stable Distribution point for our products in their country.

TECNOCEMENTO exclusive international distributor

This maximum business relationship between Tecnocemento and the Distributor

Those are the advantages of becoming in tecnocemento exclusive international distributor.

Business transfer

Layout, design and production of 1,000 Brochures and 500 Catalogues for its commercial use with the TECNOCEMENTO® brand associated with the company image with status as a TECNOCEMENTO® Exclusive International Distributor (DEX/i)

Recycling in our training courses

Recycling on our training courses at the head offices of those people who need it (max. three per month) without any charge (travel and accommodation not included).

On-line and off-line assistance

For help to technical questions concerning application. (It will always be in English or Spanish)

What do we propose?

  • Sale of product in the first preferential segment (DEX/i), of the tariff in force.
  • Continuous Technical and Commercial Assistance online and offline.
  • Preferential and highlighted information on the map of our website.
  • Complete graphic and advertising support
  • Appearance of your company data in the bottom of our home page of as well as on our site map, email addresses as distributor and staff members of your company as part of the group.
  • Personal microsite with images of their own applications and projects as well as positioning of the same according to investment and google maps as part of the group.
  • Personalized online communication pack, according to your investment.
  • Commercial supports for the correct sale and quotation of projects
  • Exclusivity of application area
  • Performing training courses for approved installers and selling products to them.
  • Representations in fair trades of the sector.


Are you interested in being part of Tecnocemento family? This dossier will surely help you.