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Continuous technical and commercial advise

Microcement is one of the most fashionable materials in use at this time for all construction works. However, in order to guarantee the maximum benefits (resistance, aesthetics …) of this product, it is necessary to ensure that both the materials and the installers comply with the necessary quality requirements.

Continuous technical advice for the application of Tecnocemento microcement.

The material is important but so are the applicators.

As a continuous coating, microcement has consolidated itself as a highly valuable material in the construction and remodelling sector. As it does not require expansion joints, it emphasizes the homogeneity of its application. Good practices include, among others, waiting for exact drying timing of the material. If you want to know more about the application you can download our application guide.

Therefore, it must be taken into account that, apart from a timely formulation of microcement (which will depend on the combination of cement, aggregates and resins) and quality finishes (depending on the use and the applied area), it is essential that a correct application of the microcement is carried out.

This also means that the team of installers has to check the state of the materials that serve as support and the correct adaptation of said supports, since this will have great effect on the resistance and the correct durability of the work in the long run.

Technical guarantees and advice on implementation

Tecnocemento guarantees that the microcement application will be carried out by qualified and specialized professionals used to working with these types of coatings. The application stage is of utmost importance to avoid having to face costly maintenance and repairs later on.

Therefore, the certification courses offered and required by Tecnocemento to its installers, are of vital importance and the quality seals of our products constitute a total guarantee that our customers can enjoy a service that meets their aesthetic requirements as well as excellent resistance and maintenance.

The material is important but so are the applicators.

Tecnocemento works with microcement formulations developed by chemical engineers and architects, combining technical and aesthetic high quality, and supported by resistance and maintenance tests, which enable the customization of the chosen product, its installers have a certification that recognizes them as experts in the application of this coating.

These professionals have received the training, as well as the appropriate materials to comply with the commitment of the Tecnocemento seal of quality.

Tecnocemento distributors and applicators.

Tecnocemento distributors and applicators

Our Tecnocemento distributors are given exclusivity over a specific area. Distributors associated with Tecnocemento are involved in a relationship of trust and collaboration, which allows them to sell their materials, provide commercial support and technical assistance (both offline and online).

All customers have access to a technical assistance which, logically, will benefit you, since you will have 24 hours support to solve any technical issue or other problem that, within the framework of these activities, may occur.

In the case of applicators trained with us, they will receive continuous technical and commercial advice to ensure that their applications have the desired result.

Are you interested in becoming a Tecnocemento microcement distributor and/or applicator? Contact us and we will tell you more.