Tecnocemento Industry

It is a specific coating for high foot traffic areas or where a more industrial and homogeneous final appearance is required. Formulated with cement and polymers with a total thickness between 2-3 mm.

TECNOCEMENTO® gives continuity to walls and pavements creating wide areas which provides a defined and natural cement aesthetic. TECNOCEMENTO® INDUSTRY, as well as the rest of our systems, is a product extracted from several raw materials that gives a different aspect, reaching also those adequate resistance levels for high foot traffic. In addition, its different finishes allow us to reach nuances in the final look.

Color Chart


Product used to coat those areas where it is required a more industrial/rustic appearance, as well as putting technical characteristics before aesthetics.  It can be applied indoor (shops, offices, restaurants, etc.), outdoor (facades, terraces, etc.) and in areas with direct contact with water.


As in any of Tecnocemento system, it is nor required any previous demolition of the pre-existing coating, otherwise it has to be prepared to reach the necessary flatness/smooth for the subsequent application of Tecnocemento Industry. This product is suited to give higher resistances on Tecnocemento floors with a more homogeneous look, always being installed by our Tecnocemento approved installers.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO® is very simple and feasible for the end users themselves. Its cleaning is done with neutral soaps, damp cloths and natural waxes that enhance the natural appearance of the coating.