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Pablo Montoro is a chef from Elda who has lived all the possible experiences he can go through. He had his first restaurant, Tabulé. He went to El Bulli by Ferran Adrià. And did an internship at Martín Berasategui. He was on the TV programme Top Chef. He cooked for a Russian multimillionaire on his boat. He was a teacher at the CDT in Alicante. And after spending two years getting to know experiences around the world, he has decided to start up Espacio Montoro. In Albufereta Avenue in Alicante.

From TECNOCEMENTO® we have lived an intimate experience and it has been a great pride that our continuous coating was part of this decoration. It is an honour to belong to the decorative elements chosen to carry out this project. A leading project with a new concept of restoration. In which the diner not only lives a gastronomic experience, but also interior universes. It has a specific decoration for the different rooms that the client walks through until he reaches the restaurant’s room.


After evaluating an infinite number of colours and textures that could fit into the space of the façade, it was finally decided to have it covered with TECNOCEMENTO®. A metallic pigment was chosen in a new colour, manufactured and chosen to Pablo’s taste. This outstanding pigment mixes the unique continuity of the microcement with golden metallic particles. This provides different sensations. The “Old Gold” metallic, depending on the moment we visit it, will offer us a sophisticated and impressive luminosity for the day. As well as a pleasant elegance and soft fluidity at night.

TECNOCEMENTO® has a wide range of colours, more than 35. However, it is possible to make any colour that is part of the RAL chart. All of this depends on the type of work to be carried out. In addition to these colours, we offer 5 different types of metallic pigments (gold, mother-of-pearl, emerald, corten and bronze). These colours allow us to make original decorative touches to cover different supports such as walls, columns, headboards, furniture. Any element where you want to highlight a space or give a different touch.

But if what you want is to set the space with an older one. Or simulating aged textures, we have the “Vintage” range. A range of 5 different colours with a much more impressive texture.

The colour adopted on the façade as the first encounter with the gastronomic space, already gives us an idea of where we are about to enter.

Comedor interior Espacio Montoro. Restaurante de Pablo Montoro diseñado en microcemento por Tecnocmento.


But without a doubt, where the decorative explosion reaches its maximum level, is inside the premises itself. Here, the different aesthetic expressions culminate in a perfectly balanced whole and a very dynamic combination.

TECNOCEMENTO® has proposed its most innovative covering, the INDUSTRY model. This time with a gloss finish, for the covering of the walls of the dining room. This glossy finish enhances a damp feeling to match a natural environment. The new INDUSTRY product is a material designed for both high traffic areas. As for example floors in public spaces or outdoor areas. Thanks to its high resistance and formidable durability, it provides a security that makes it very practical to be used without any problem.

In this case it was decided to use a more decorative element on the walls. Since it contains a cementitious finish, it has a larger granulometry and a rougher appearance. The combination and fusion with rusty iron panels in different designs and botanical forms, achieves an exclusive and welcoming sensation of wellbeing. None of the diners who want to experience the emotion of Pablo Montoro’s gastronomy will remain indifferent. There is no better way to enjoy the sensational tasting menu than to be surrounded by an environment of these characteristics.


The interior is completed with the spectacular Cocoon Lab. A magical space designed in the shape of an “egg”, where customers can learn about the concept of the chef table. Get to know the kitchen, the so-called Black Tech, and can interact in first person with the chef. The space in this case is somewhat reduced in size, with six people passing by and watching the whole team cooking for another 15 minutes.

Finalmente se puede visitar como una parte importante de todo el conjunto gastronómico, una pequeña, pero muy bien aprovechada terraza interior, Hi Line, convertida en un jardín zen. “Es donde el comensal toma la primera bebida y los snacks, lo que serían las olivas o las papas en cualquier bar”, explica Montoro. “Es el primer contacto con nuestra oferta gastronómica”, añade.

Finally, as an important part of the whole gastronomic complex, a small but very well used interior terrace, Hi Line, converted into a Zen garden, can be visited: “It is where the diner takes the first drink and snacks, which would be olives or potatoes in any bar”, explains Montoro. “It is the first contact with our gastronomic offer”, he adds.


For TECNOCEMENTO®, participating in spaces of these characteristics reinforces and renews us in the idea of using them because of their great potential, both decorative and practical. Its consolidated natural aesthetics, providing solutions and combinations with other noble materials, such as stone, wood or iron, make it an unavoidable part in the possibility of being applied in unique reference projects.

Finally, it remains to thank Nazaret Gil, architect and in this interior design project, on behalf of the whole TECNOCEMENTO® team, for choosing this continuous coating, and to congratulate her on such a splendid project carried out. And of course, to thank Pablo Montoro for the exquisite and correct collaboration, as well as the good work that has been done at all times with the TECNOCEMENTO® team. It only remains to wish him all the luck and the maximum of the successes in this new path that we are sure will be very gratifying, both for him and for his clients.