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Training Course for implementing TECNOCEMENTO® is intended for all those people in the professional sector, especially concerning the construction and decoration, wishing to extend their training, either by the current demand that is being reflected in the market coatings, or as able as possible and offering outstanding decorative option. In this sector, ranging from painters, decorators, interior designers, installers of liners, plasters applicators, resins, officers of masonry, stucco … and all those who are particularly related to work flat, brush or roller.

We have one course monthly, indicating the exact date of each of them in the news section of our website. The course is 2 full days, usually taking place Thursday and Friday to minimize interruption to a weekly planning participants.

The courses are held at our facility equipped for this, the training room, also used for testing and continuous product improvements, is located on the street poet Zorrilla de Elda (Alicante), and only recommended, so optional work clothing for field trials.
At the beginning of the course will give each person an Applicator’s Manual, which contains a comprehensive guide on all matters relating to the application of the material, which is recommended for reading and of course after the training course.
The Training Course will be guided throughout by the company’s technical staff and accompanied by the head of the commercial area. They will be available to participants for questions arising therefrom.

Officially approved appliers training

Anybody interested must attend a training programme in the application of TECNOCEMENTO®. Although application is not complicated, knowledge of the systematic procedure of how its components are mixed, handling style and drying times is necessary, as is shown in the technical application and product manual.

In either case, both for officially-approved appliers and distributors with area exclusivity, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. Have a place to do the application course of at least two sections of 10m2 each one. It is desirable to have 10m2 for walls and 10m2 for flooring, on terrazzo, gres (stonewear), third-class marble installed for the occasion.
  2. Use of a real application where we will do the training on a maximum of 20m2. The rest must be done by the future officially approved appliers.
    It is of the utmost importance that the wall where the application is to be made for the training has been properly prepared:


  1. Vertical facings. The ideal substrates are puttied plasterboard panels that have been slightly sanded. However, walls faced cement or plaster, tiles, marble, , etc. can also be used
  2. Flooring. The floor must be perfectly stable and dry for the application of the training course (terrazzo, stonewear, marble, etc.) The parts must be perfectly secured; floors or self-levelling surfaces must be stable, perfectly faced and have no crack or risk of crack.
    All training scenarios must be well-lit, and there must be a water supply and an assistant for the removal of any unused material and cleaning.

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    If you want to be one of our qualified microcement applicators or become a TECNOCEMENTO® distributor, ask us for more information about how to get it.