TECNOCEMENTO IMPER® is a coating formed by cement and resins of very low thickness (2-3 mm), used in interiors for COATING AND WATERPROOFING FLOORS AND BATHROOM WALLS, with high versatility as it can be applied on different substrates, without the need to replace the base as with classic coatings.

This product can be applied both on walls and floors that may be in contact with water or humid areas in homes, stores, offices, etc. It is mainly used to cover interior spaces (shower trays, shower walls and washbasins) or in any exterior space (facades, terraces, etc.). Our TECNOCEMENTO IMPER® continuous coating gives the walls a great neutrality and spatial sensation by generating large surfaces without joints. Formulated with products of natural origin (cements, aggregates and resins) that make our microcement a reference material in the application of continuous coatings, offering multiple shapes, textures and colors.

Product Data Sheet


TECNOCEMENTO IMPER®, for its installation it is not necessary to modify, if not adapt, the previous or pre-existing coating, since we can apply it on the great majority of surfaces, being able to carry out renovations with the least possible impact.

TECNOCEMENTO IMPER® is suitable for professional applicators, who are part of our network of applicators, trained by TECNOCEMENTO® technicians and who ensure its proper use.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO IMPER® is very simple and can be carried out by the end users themselves. Its cleaning, in this system, can be done with more abrasive products (bleach, ammonia, alcohol), since it is protected by our maximum protection sealants (FORTE PLUS). It does not require the application of natural waxes.

Enjoy our cladding thanks to the complete impermeability of our finishes