TECNOCEMENTO PLUS® is a system based on a mixture of cements and acrylic resins that reaches a thickness between 2-3 mm. SYSTEM INDICATED FOR VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL PARAMENTS such as terrazzo, tiles, tiles, cementitious self-leveling, etc., after correction of the substrates.

TECNOCEMENTO PLUS®, allows medium pedestrian traffic, with our FORTE PLUS finish, and is not recommended for areas in contact with water. TECNOCEMENTO PLUS®, has a composition with high cement content and selected aggregates that allow very heterogeneous finishes (texture and color). Its markedly natural origin, gives TECNOCEMENTO PLUS® an aspect that differentiates it from the rest of microcements, it has a great amount of superimposed textures, transferred reliefs and cementitious colors; achieving a continuous aspect, but with great depth. In addition, its different finishes allow us to obtain different final results TECNOCEMENTO PLUS®, manages to unify the spaces thanks to our joint-free system.

Product Data Sheet


For its installation, it is not necessary to demolish the existing support, so it is an especially appropriate material for renovations and rehabilitations. TECNOCEMENTO® provides the client with licensed and qualified personnel.


The maintenance of our systems is carried out with neutral soaps, damp cloths and natural waxes. It is the user himself who performs it following the instructions in the MAINTENANCE MANUAL.