TECNOCEMENTO HOME® is a 2-component coating, with a cementitious base and acrylic resins, with a total thickness of less than 2 mm, of great formal value thanks to the depth of its textures. IT IS INDICATED FOR VERTICAL PARAMENTS WHICH ARE VERTICALLY FLAT (plaster, plasterboard, MDF, etc.) and allow the direct application of TECNOCEMENTO® with hardly any correction of load-bearing bases.

TECNOCEMENTO HOME® is developed for any type of use in domestic (housing) and public (commercial premises, offices, etc.) and applicable in interior spaces, not being possible to use it in wet areas without our special protection “Forte Plus”. TECNOCEMENTO HOME®, does not need joints as the rest of our microcement systems, so it is possible to obtain continuous walls of large dimensions without interruption. It is particularly suitable for use in renovations where it is not necessary to demolish or lift the existing coating, thus avoiding costs in demolition and generation of debris.

Product Data Sheet


Installation should be carried out by our specialized personnel, who have been trained by our company’s technicians to guarantee the perfect finish and performance of the product. Its easy application means that up to 60 m2 of TECNOCEMENTO HOME® can be applied in one day/coat.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO HOME®, is done by cleaning with neutral soaps, damp cloths and natural waxes. This can be done by the user following the instructions in our MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

Naturalness and finish will make your project special

Tomás Amat
CEO Tecnocemento