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You can buy Tecnocemento microcement with the appropriate solution for your needs for indoor and outdoor decoration. Choose which one of our ranges fits you well between Home, Plus, Imper and Rustik. Consult us.

Tecnocemento Home

Tecnocemento Home

TECNOCEMENTO HOME® is a micronized-cement and polymer composite with unique features that make it ideal as a coating material. Its total thickness is 2 mm.

This material is suitable to be used in vertical surfaces with perfect flatness (plaster board, gypsum, MD, etc.) which allow the direct application of TECNOCEMENTO®.

It is recommended for walls and vertical surfaces in any kind of living space, private (houses, etc.) or public (commercial, restaurants, offices, etc.) and it is appropriated for indoor use.

This coating material needs no joints and, therefore, large-sized seamless sections can be obtained.
It is specially suited to refurbish places where the disassembly or demolition of the wall-cladding materials is to be avoided.

The material presents a remarkably natural aspect and a distinctive look with many textures, reliefs and colours; achieving a continuous appearance with a concrete appearance.

Its installation requires the applicator to have technical knowledge and skills for optimal results and to guarantee the perfect finish and performance of the product.

Its ease of application means that can be installed up to 70 m² per coat in a single day.

TECNOCEMENTO® is maintained with neutral soap, wet cloth and natural wax. The instructions in the MANUAL OF MAINTANANCE are very easy to follow by end users.

Tecnocemento Plus

Tecnocemento Plus

TECNOCEMENTO PLUS® is a micronized-cement and polymer composite presented as a decorative coating with a total thickness between 2 and 3 mm.

It can be applied over any type of surface, offering multiple advantages compared to classic coatings.

It is particularly appropriated for its use in new builds and refurbished places where the client doesn’t want to demolish or disassemble the flooring, avoiding demolition costs.

It is particularly indicated for floors and walls surfaces in any living space, private (houses, etc.) or public (commercial, restaurants, offices, etc.) with a moderate transit. Due to its finish, it can be installed indoor and outdoor.

This coating does not need joints so large uninterrupted surfaces of flooring can be implemented.

It has a high content of cement and selected aggregates composition which provide it heterogeneous finishes (texture and colour) that remark its natural appearance, achieving a unique and distinctive look.

It should be installed exclusively by our specialised applicators, who have been trained by our experts to guarantee perfect product finish and performance.

The maintenance of this product is done by cleaning with neutral soaps, wet cloth and glossy or matt waxes. The product maintenance can be easily performed by the owner by following the instructions of our MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

Tecnocemento Imper

Tecnocemento Imper

TECNOCEMENTO IMPER® is a micronized-cement and polymer coating with a total thickness between 2 and 3 mm, with high versatility as it can be applied on different surfaces, with no need of replacing the existing surface and because of this, offering multiple advantages over classic coatings.

There is no need to modify or replace the pre-existing coating for the product application as can be applied to any type of surface, so can be used to refurbish surfaces with the least possible impact.

This product is particularly indicated to be applied on floors and walls in damp areas which may be directly in contact with water. It is suitable for private (houses, etc.) or public (commercial, restaurants, offices, etc.) places with a moderate people transit.

This system is used for applying indoor areas (walls and flooring of showers and bathrooms, sinks) or outdoor areas (facades, terraces, etc.).

Our continuous coating provides a great natural and outstanding appearance as large uninterrupted surfaces can be implemented.

Our products are formulated with the highest quality natural components (cement, aggregates and resins) which make it a unique reference in the application of continuous coatings in the market, offering to our clients multiple shapes, textures and colours.

It is suitable only for professional applicators, part of our applicator network, who have been trained by the TECNOCEMENTO® technicians which will ensure the proper use of our product.

Product maintained with neutral soaps, wet cloth, and glossy or matt waxes, and by the owner himself/herself by following the instructions of our MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

Tecnocemento Industry

Tecnocemento Industry

TECNOCEMENTO INDUSTRY® is a double cement- and resin-based coating with a total thickness between 3 and 4 mm. It is comprised of an initial waterproofing layer and a final layer of INDUSTRY that will guarantee perfect installation performance.

This coating is particularly indicated for swimming pools and outdoor paving or flooring and any that may be in permanent contact with water such as shower trays and baths. Moreover, additives can be used to create an anti-slip shower floor.

Its extensive colour range offers the possibility of creating special designs in swimming pools and showers.

It needs no joints, whereby large uninterrupted vertical sections can be implemented.

Its ease of application means that up to 60 m2 can be installed in a single day.

It should be installed exclusively by our specialised personnel, who have been trained by experts from our company to guarantee perfect product finish and performance.

Maintenance with Tecnocemento MANTEN

Tecnocemento Limp

Tecnocemento Limp

A non-abrasive soap based product which is used to clean TECNOCEMENTO®coatings.

Aqueous dispersion with high cleaning capacity, its neutral pH enables the periodic cleaning of TECNOCEMENTO®coatings.

Colorless product which does not alter the finish of the surface were is applied. Furthermore, the cement appearance of the surface is highlighted.

Tecnocemento Manten

Tecnocemento Manten

TECNO MANTEN MATE/BRILLO® is a wax-based product with high hardness to enhance the tonality and finishes of TECNOCEMENTO® coatings.

TECNO MANTEN MATE/BRILLO® is used to provide our coatings, both in vertical and horizontal surfaces, a consistent appearance. Restoring the possible wear surface and eliminates any damage that may occur to the finish TECNOCEMENTO® coatings.

Aqueous dispersion, of high surface resistant to mechanical movements and transit hardness, provides a protection coat to the TECNOCEMENTO® support where it is applied.

Colorless and breathable material which doesn’t condition in any case on it is applied. Furthermore it highlights the cementitious aspect of the base.
Given its high moisturizing properties eliminates the sensation of dry soil.