TECNOCEMENTO POOL® is a continuous 2-component epoxy coating formed by minerals and micronized aggregates, with very high resistance and adherence, and can be applied on different substrates. IT IS A SYSTEM USED ON SURFACES THAT ARE IN PERMANENT CONTACT WITH WATER.

TECNOCEMENTO POOL® is developed to be applied inside swimming pools, as well as elements that will contain water for a long period of time (jacuzzi, pools, fountains, etc.). It can be applied both on walls and floors without the use of joints, so we can create a continuous exterior space until we enter the interior of the pool.

Product Data Sheet


For its installation, TECNOCEMENTO POOL® does not need to modify, if not adapt, the previous or pre-existing coating, since it can be applied on most surfaces.

TECNOCEMENTO POOL® is suitable for professional applicators, who are part of our network of applicators, trained by TECNOCEMENTO® technicians and who ensure its proper use.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO POOL® is carried out through the pool’s own cleaning processes. If extra maintenance is required, the protective varnishes can be reapplied after 3 years by the application company.