About us

TECNOCEMENTO® s not just a product, it is rather an effort to communicate an idea that resides at the very centre of emotions, it is an experience based on the material and the place where the activity is carried out, it is a way of interpreting and understanding that honesty and naturalness in the expression of the material we use is closely related with the way in which we relate with space.

The use of cement as a finish for vertical facing and floorings, recovering, rescuing a living element that lasts over time and evolves in its formal expression with the passing of the years lends our design proposals the neutrality characteristic of that which is simple, of the constant natural flow of our spaces.

The strength of its expression summarises the keys to understand that beauty, technology and emotional involvement form part of the very manifestation of architecture and those affected.

Our keenness for new developments which explain architecture, which coexist with the silent complicity of space, which enrich our projects, is one of our priorities. We have not ceased to intervene in research processes to obtain new products, improve and close them to the excellence, create new forms of dressing up architecture under the auspices of modernity and sustainability.

We would thus say that we have developed the design for technology and tomorrow, with our collective efforts, we will position the actual technology for design.

We are architects, industrialists, managers of our beliefs… we are entrepreneurs of the emotions, manufacturers of desire, distributors of our image, of our quality and architecture…. we are TECNOCEMENTO® people… we believe we are professionals who are trained and licensed to be at your service.

Our team


Pablo Belda, Architect , one of the managers of this project. Unquestionable in the direction for his thoroughness and professionalism. Architect by Valencia (Spain)


Tomás Amat, Architect , and ideologue, the other manager of the whole project. Architect by Madrid, 5th year in London Peter Cook (Bartlett) and 2 years with Zaha Hadid.


Adrián Blanes, Technical Architect. Linked directly to the technical assistance, R & D department and organization of our own applicators.

Enrique Landete, our secure value. Responsible for the sales department, with extensive experience in business management.


Pablo Iglesias, technical trainer responsible for the instruction of new applicators.


Alba García publicist and social media manager, in charge of digital marketing management (national and international).