TECNOCEMENTO METALLIC® is a system based on the final application of a mixture of metallic pigments and acrylic resins that provides a design and aesthetics totally different from the traditional. INDICATED SYSTEM FOR VERTICAL PARAMENTS, FURNITURE, BENCHES or any type of area where it is intended to provide a very personal touch.

TECNOCEMENTO METALLIC®, allows to combine with its wide range of colors gold, old gold, corten, bronze, emerald and mother-of-pearl, its different finishes with any other material, offering a fresher and more cheerful design, and of course enhancing that which is intended to prioritize, with a very original touch in the world of coatings. Its application is simple, as it does not require a special technique, but the applicator who performs the work is very important, because depending on the way it is applied, it will transfer with more or less power the reflections and the “light-darkness” that the material itself has as one of its peculiar characteristics. TECNOCEMENTO METALLIC® is the ideal coating for those works where it is intended to surprise or try to customize in a very singular way the final decorative aesthetics of a specific area.

Product Data Sheet


As in any of the TECNOCEMENTO® systems, no prior demolition of the existing coating is required, but only its adaptation to achieve the necessary planimetry for the subsequent application of TECNOCEMENTO METALLIC®.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO METALLIC® , is done by cleaning with neutral soaps, damp cloths and natural waxes. This can be done by the user following the instructions in our MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

Naturalness and finish will make your project something special.

Tomás Amat
CEO Tecnocemento