For TECNOCEMENTO® microcement application the surface must be clean and healthy. Remove any remains of concrete release agent, previous coats (such as waxes), grout, poorly adhered particles or paint and any other contaminant that might affect adherence (if necessary use high-pressure water jets, peening, milling, sanding or sandblasting).  Any cracks, unevenness and holes should be levelled or filled completely with epoxy cement or repair mortar.  Special care should be taken with cracks that present movement.

  1. In porous and non-porous surfaces, our bonding jumper should be applied first with a microfibre roller, which will also prevent excessive absorption by the substrate. Wait for about 5-6 hours for the product to dry. Apply the product to this priming with bonding jumper, taking special care with the joints in concrete slabbing, if necessary, which should be copied on the surface to avoid possible cracking.
  2. Pour component B into a clean bucket after adding the pigment and then mix with a blender, add component A little by little rubbing with your hands to avoid lumps and them mix with a blender again. More fluid mixtures will cause less of a relief effect on the surface and colour texturising, apply two 0.9-1.1-mm coats with sanding-dedusting once you have completed each coat. Final consumption of materials between 3.5-4.0 kg/m2 for vertical elements.
  3. A sealant and polyurethane finish, applied with roller, will improve product resistance, and will also provide different finishes (gloss, matt, satin, anti-slip, etc.)