TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE® is our Tecnocemento® coating, APPLIED IN A SIMPLE SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS TO ADD TO OUR FLOORINGS AND VERTICAL PAVEMENTS, A PAINT AGED BY TIME together with the depth of the texture of the microcement.

The TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE® system is excellent for the decoration of “vintage” environments where it is desired to provide a weathered cement, pre-existing in moss green, asphalt and winter blues. TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE® is an application of the Home system or the Plus system, depending on the support where we choose to apply, with a simple final modification in the application process where the “vintage texture” of our microcement is configured, according to the color chosen. TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE® gives continuity to the vertical walls and floors, giving them a great amplitude and continuity that provides a defined and natural cementitious aesthetic.

Product Data Sheet


As in any of the TECNOCEMENTO® systems, no prior demolition of the existing coating is required, but only its adaptation to achieve the necessary planimetry for the subsequent application of TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE®.


The maintenance of TECNOCEMENTO VINTAGE® is very simple and can be carried out by the end users themselves. Cleaning is done with neutral soaps, damp cloths and natural waxes that enhance the natural appearance of the coating.