TECNOCEMENTO®, driven by its desire to generate a firm product-final consumer bond, establishes one of the marks most committed to our end clients, appliers and distributors, the mark of service and commitment.

Our closeness as producers in the national settling permits a rapid and efficient service, not only in customer attention but also in after-sales technical support for all TECNOCEMENTO® components.


Our whole team, technical, sales and innovation department, work to optimise continuous attention to the needs of all our clients of all kinds and . Communication between the parent company and clients means knowing and covering market needs, thus aiding in company development.


To respond to requests within a maximum term of 24 working hours as of receipt of the e-mail.
Deal with issues within a maximum term of 48 working hours as of receipt of the e-mail.
Technical telephone assistance for any queries about the product and its conditions of application.

The after-sales service is governed by the criteria of immediate and maximum flexibility and attention to client needs. TECNOCEMENTO® has a continuous response service to requests for technical information about the different products of the group and their application.


Maximum delivery term in the peninsula of 6 working days as of the advance payment of acceptance. Discount of 20% on the amount if this commitment is not met.
Urgency in restocking orders that may be delivered express if so requested by our clients.
If the wrong colour, amount, or product is sent, TECNOCEMENTO® undertakes to give a 20% discount on the following order.

TECNOCEMENTO®‘s commitment to a job well done and to the utmost quality of its applications to guarantee a perfect final result has created the technical quality mark.

TECNOCEMENTO® is a company that trains each and every one of the officially approved appliers directly, thus guaranteeing that the installation can only be performed by people who have obtained, after doing the training course with our technicians, the title of officially approved applier.

For the client to have the guarantee of success required by TECNOCEMENTO®, all our appliers hold this title that certifies that they successfully passed the training course.


The manufacture of the product in industrial premises allows our technical service to supervise and control the quality of the starting material used. In the manufacture of the different products we are directly committed to using the raw materials from the best companies in the sector, with more than 30 years of experience in research and development into cements, resins and pigments. Similarly, the sealing and finishing products are supplied by companies of international renown and are developed in close collaboration with them.


  • To guarantee the exclusive use of raw materials by the TECNOCEMENTO® group. Control over the process of preparation of the TECNOCEMENTO® product.
  • TECNOCEMENTO® has a product and finishing Research and Development department that collaborates with prestigious national and international companies.
  • Inclusion of the technical data sheets of all TECNOCEMENTO® products. More than 5 tonnes of product in stock in its chemical warehouses under the strictest safety controls.


The technical quality of the TECNOCEMENTO® products is continuously changing and evolving, with the utmost commitment to technically enhance the product. To this end we perform ongoing tests with different specialised agencies that guarantee the utmost reliability of these tests.

TECNOCEMENTO® provides the technical data with which the tests have been formulated and the values extracted from them on request.

TECNOCEMENTO® guarantees that the tests were made by the LABORATORIO DE ENSAYOS DEL COAATA (Official College of Clerks of Works and Technical Architects of Alicante). In summary, the samples provide the following data:


  • Absorption tests. return results of 0.55%. In other words, similar to porcelain gres (stonewear).
  • Wear/abrasion tests. They return data of 21.6, comparable to terrazzo.
  • In terms of impact resistance, the COAATA summarises that it does not break and admits deformation without breakage.
  • Duration of 24 months in stock (product in closed warehouse at temperature between 5°C and 25°C).

TECNOCEMENTO® , in its commitment to generate the maximum confidence in our products, is establishing one of the most important marks with our final clients, the mark of guarantee and commitment.

TECNOCEMENTO® is a product which, when executed by TECNOCEMENTO®, ‘s own appliers, provides total guarantee of its full performance and operation, provided that optimal installation circumstances.

The quality of the finished product, as well as the confidence in our appliers, is what renders this commitment possible, which translates into this TECNOCEMENTO® mark of guarantee & commitment, that only guarantees our applications as provided for in our technical application manual.


All our appliers are aware of this commitment to the application of the TECNOCEMENTO® products. Our product has been sufficiently well developed and tested to be able to offer the following guarantees:


  • Guarantee covering 2 years following the installation of our products.
  • Immediate replacement of our products in any installation if there are deficiencies ascribable to the application.


The after-sales service is governed by the criteria of immediate and maximum flexibility and attention to client needs. TECNOCEMENTO® delivers a continuous service to create loyalty in clients that believe in our products.


  • TECNOCEMENTO® offers the possibility of changing the colour of vertical facings with a 40% discount on the cost of product and application. (Expenses derived from per diems, travel and accommodation of our appliers are excluded.)
  • TECNOCEMENTO® offers the possibility of product maintenance for 2 years after application. This commitment consists of the surface treatment of vertical facings by means of surface finishes for their perfect maintenance.


  • TECNOCEMENTO® offers the possibility of changing the colour of horizontal facings, i.e., flooring with a 20% discount on the cost of product and application.(Expenses derived from per diems, travel and accommodation of our appliers are excluded.)
  • TECNOCEMENTO® offers the possibility of product maintenance for 3 years after application.. This commitment consists of the surface treatment of horizontal facings by means of surface finishes for perfect maintenance. It is particularly recommended for our TECNOCEMENTO PLUS® product plus for heavy-duty floors.


TECNOCEMENTO® guarantees its applications and establishes its mark of guarantee and commitment as an obligation, provided that the following specifications are taken into consideration:

  1. That the application of our products is carried out by our appliers or officially approved appliers.
  2. That the application is performed and totally with our products, including the final protection phases.
  3. If our products have been altered by any liquid such as resins, polyurethanes etc., not used by our company, TECNOCEMENTO® will not apply its guarantee.
  4. Any possible defects outside our application, such as problems of deficient base, structural movements, moisture caused by capillarity or filtration from the floor or vertical facings, will not be covered by the TECNOCEMENTO® guarantee.
    1. The bases must be stable and perfectly secured. Any defect in them will be reflected in our applications. The guarantee will never be applicable in installations on bases that do not guarantee the non-existence of cracks.
    2. TECNOCEMENTO® guarantees applications made on terrazzo, stonewear, porcelain stonewear, marble, in the case of flooring. In terms of applications on vertical facings, TECNOCEMENTO® guarantees the applications made on cement surfaces without cracks , plasterboard panels or base surfaces of terrazzo, stonewear, porcelain stonewear , marble, etc., provided that they are totally secure..
    3. On bases made by personnel not employed by our company, such as self-levelling mortar or cement facings performed in situ, TECNOCEMENTO® does not apply its mark of guarantee and commitment.
  5. Possible defects caused by undue use of our product, heavy-duty traffic, burns, cuts with sharp or jagged objects, etc., will not be covered by the guarantee of TECNOCEMENTO® mark.
  6. If the defects are caused by failure to use the maintenance manual properly, the TECNOCEMENTO® guarantee will not apply.
  7. TECNOCEMENTO® understands that any cracks or fissures no larger than 3 cm in size are not covered by the guarantee and commitment.
  8. TECNOCEMENTO® warns that any repairs made due to product defects may lead to a slight change of colour.
  9. TECNOCEMENTO® cannot be held responsible for any expenses that are not derived directly from the repair.

As befits our commitment to a society where the values of the common good have reached the status of fundamental right, where WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME TECNOCEMENTO® has implemented its great social commitment, its mark of solidarity.

TECNOCEMENTO®, in its firm belief that what is mine is everyone’s, what is mine is yours, in a situation where creation is proposed collectively, in a world where territorial value is becoming increasingly hazier, where the value of borders is limited to a purely physical concept, where the power of people and social, cultural and human fusion catalyse the value of equity, TECNOCEMENTO® is committed to building our company from the perspective of WE ARE ALL ONE AND THE SAME.

For this purpose, TECNOCEMENTO® intends to allocate part of our global turnover from each customer to Msf-Doctors Without Borders, who are working towards the same goals.


Our whole human team is firmly convinced and committed to this initiative.


  • To allocate 1% of the turnover from all orders received to the Msf-Doctors Without Borders NGO.
  • Inform, in each case, by an e-mail to each client, the amount of their contribution allocated to the NGO.
  • The Msf-Doctors Without Borders NGO will inform every client or company that works with our company, that TECNOCEMENTO® has put the amount corresponding to 1% as a solidarity-based contribution of the value of its invoice net of VAT.
  • TECNOCEMENTO® undertakes to publicise, at the end of every year, the total amounts allocated to Msf-Doctors Without Borders.

Under no circumstances will the contribution made to Msf-Doctors Without Borders be tax-deductible for the client. TECNOCEMENTO® will thus allocate 1% of its income from every client.