Products for cleaning microcement

Microcement has become one of the most widely used decorative coatings today. It is used to cover a large number of supports and to create spectacular furniture, walls and floors. When we decide to create a micro-cement floor, one of the most frequent questions is, what maintenance does this microcement have? In this post we will talk about the products for cleaning microcement and its easy maintenance.

How to maintain microcement

Microcement coatings look great at first, but poor care can cause them to deteriorate over time. So if you want to maintain your microcement floor over time, you need to use the right cleaning products.

Neutral soap: Neutral soap is the product for cleaning microcement par excellence. Diluted in water, you can scrub the micro-cement floor or wipe it with a damp cloth on walls or micro-cement basins. This not only cleans the surface, but also maintains the quality and condition of the microcement.

Our LIMP product is a neutral soap specially designed to clean the microcement. You can buy it on our website.

Neutral soap to cleaning microcement

Natural wax: Microcement floors are usually finished with water-based varnishes, which give them that final and characteristic touch. That’s why it’s important to do a maintenance with waxes. Once every two weeks, it is advisable to apply a natural wax. With this we achieve that it is the wax that wears out and the varnish remains intact.

Our product MANTEN, is a natural watery wax, ideal for the maintenance of microcement coatings with watery varnishes such as Finish Forte. You can buy it on our website.

natural watery wax

Can I clean my microcement floor with any product?

There are cases where microcement coatings are protected with non-water-based varnishes. For example, when our FINISH FORTE PLUS varnish is applied to make the coating totally waterproof (water, oil, alcohol, bleach, coffee, wine, etc.)

Microcement systems painted with FINISH FORTE PLUS can be cleaned with more abrasive products such as bleach, acetone, salfuman, etc. And, most importantly, no maintenance wax should be applied.

Whether you are a professional applicator, or whether you are going to apply the microcement yourself (for yourself or someone else), we hope we have helped you understand what kind of care a microcement floor needs.