Training course for applicators

If you still do not know TECNOCEMENTO I will tell you that, our training courses for applicators are essential in our company philosophy. Without having taken these courses it is not possible to apply our products. It is the previous and necessary step to achieve a quality work with our product not only at an aesthetic level but also at a durability level. Do you want to be a microcement applicator? In this post you can learn everything about the training course for applicators.

Why train as an applicator with TECNOCEMENTO

Not everyone who comes to our applicator training courses has experience applying microcement. There are cases where they have tried to apply microcement and the result with this type of product has not been what they expected. In order to ensure that those who wish to learn how to apply microcemento have the necessary experience and a recognised qualification, we have created our courses for applicators at TECNOCEMENTO.

Our courses have a theoretical part. It is very necessary to know in depth the product, its pros and cons. And a theoretical part, where the assistants (masons, painters, plasterboard assemblers) apply the product under the supervision of the applicator who is giving the course. In this way, they get a much more real idea of how it should be done:

  • Mixing the product
  • Apply the product (in terms of technique and quantities)
  • Use the material to your advantage

The applicator who is in charge of giving the course, teaches the attendees tricks to make their work easier, to achieve unique designs and solves all the doubts that may arise.

theoretical class training course for applicators

How are the training courses for applicators TECNOCEMENTO

As we have already commented before, the training course for microcement applicators that we carry out at TECNOCEMENTO consists of two parts (theoretical and practical).

A theoretical part where the product is explained in depth and a practical part where our future applicators get down to work.

The courses take place in our training room where we transmit to the attendees our more than 15 years of research and work with microcement in TECNOCEMENTO. In order to ensure the highest level of training for our future applicators.

In view of the current situation caused by the pandemic, we have adapted to the new safety measures and reduced the number of participants in our training courses for applicators.

practical class training course for applicators

Coexistence in training courses for applicators

The usual tone of our courses is good coexistence and a good atmosphere. Our future applicators come from all over Spain so they exchange ideas and ways of working from each of their areas.

Good humour and laughter are commonplace. This allows the attendees to comment without fear on their fears and doubts about the product. Moreover, meeting people who, like them, are going to touch microcement for the first time helps to create links.

Of course, at TECNOCEMENTO, we never leave our future applicators alone. Therefore, we usually recommend that they have a training technician the first time they apply the product in a real way.

Next training course for micro-cement applicators

The next training course for applicators will take place on Friday 18 December. So we encourage you to sign up and live a unique experience learning to apply one of the coatings that has revolutionized the market.