Microcement: The best flooring for your pet

When we have an animal at home, one of the things we may worry about is cleanliness. For us, they are just another member of the family, but they spend a lot of time on the floor. That’s why we should take special care when choosing the flooring in our home. That is why in this post we are going to talk about microcement: the best flooring for your pet.

Microcement: the best flooring for your pet.

High Transit anti-scratch resistance

One of the things we usually ask of a floor if we have pets is that it should be resistant to scratches from their claws. Especially if our pets are very nervous and spend all their time moving from one side of the house to the other.
That is why at Tecnocemento we have created the High Tranist system, specifically for high traffic areas and ideal for homes with pets, as it has a mechanical resistance coefficient of maximum hardness, without having to abandon the elegant aesthetics that microcement floors provide.

Easy to clean floors

We are not going to fool ourselves, we love our pets, but they shed a lot of hair (especially at certain times of the year), drool, mark their territory and tend to do their business wherever they please (especially if they are puppies). That’s why having a floor that can withstand the dampness of the mop or the rush of the hoover can be essential.

In microcement you will find the best ally as it is a floor that, due to its material and finish, is resistant to damp. In addition, as there are no joints, you no longer have to worry about the dirt that tends to accumulate in them. You will even make it much easier for the robot hoover.

At Tecnocemento we have our “Forte Plus” finish protector that allows the floor to be cleaned with any product, no matter how abrasive it is, and without the need to apply any added protection on it.

The best flooring for your pet

The beauty of microcement

What makes microcement the best flooring for your pet is that it meets the cleaning and resistance requirements you want without having to sacrifice the beauty of the floor.

In addition, it combines very well with other materials such as wood, marble or stone, and can be used to cover walls, shower trays and any type of furniture.

However, let’s not fool ourselves, the quality of the final result lies in the application. That is why at Tecnocemento we have been training our applicators for more than 15 years to achieve the best results.

If you have or are going to have pets and you are thinking of using microcement for your floor, contact us and ask for a no obligation quote.