TECNOCEMENTO and Restaurante La Finca

Susi Diaz is from Elche and has been running her successful restaurant “LA FINCA” for 30 years. The restaurant has been awarded the highest gastronomic prizes, more than 20 local, national and international awards, including a Michelin star. Susi has lived every possible experience she can get through, as well as being a collaborator and presenter on different television programmes in Spain:

Refurbishing the La Finca bathroom

In this case Susi and her team wanted to start the renovation of their restaurant La Finca, for the bathroom and the toilet. They wanted a bathroom project to match their kitchen. With quality, freshness, innovation and creativity. So that when the customer goes to the bathroom, they have a pleasant experience that they won’t forget for a long time.

The team of architects Tomas Amat and Pablo Belda set to work, designing a bathroom with such requirements. The premise was to create a unique washbasin and toilet in microcement Tecnocemento.

Foto de archivo

The result with Tecnocemento

For this spectacular wash basin, toilet or bathroom made of microcement, Tecnocemento brand, a grey 2 has been chosen. This is a perfect colour for bathrooms and showers. In addition, it is totally waterproof. Which is perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, spas, hammams or Turkish baths, shower trays, etc. The floor and some of the walls have been covered with microcement.

In this toilet, washbasin and bathroom, the unique continuity of microcement is mixed with a natural freeze-dried garden and a handmade wooden basin. This gives it a sophisticated and impressive image, as well as a pleasant elegance. This first encounter with the gastronomic space already gives us an idea of where we are. But until we eat and visit it, we will not know.

Bathroom La Finca Elche Restaurant with microcement Tecnocement.

Microcemento is the perfect match for covering: basins, bathrooms and toilets. In addition to spas and hammams or Turkish baths.

It is in the bathrooms, toilets and spas, where the decorative explosion reaches its maximum level, TECNOCEMENTO has proposed its INDUSTRY microcement coating. With a satin finish for the floors and walls of this bathroom and toilet. There are also the options of finishing them with gloss or matt.

Microcemento INDUSTRY

The Industry microcement floor, branded Tecnocemento, has a larger granulometry. This makes it very resistant to wear and tear and at the same time with an aesthetic appearance. The textures and shapes that can be created with microcemento, achieve an exclusive and cosy feeling.

One of the secrets of the beauty of microcement is indirect lighting. In this case it is a warm light led. This is projected indirectly onto the micro-cement on the surface covered with micro-cement, making it stand out for its beauty and simplicity. It can be seen with the naked eye, it is beautiful on all four sides.

It is the reflection of light on the micro-cement of bathrooms, with those dark lights that make it so beautiful.

Bathrooms La Finca Elche Tecnocemento

It can be seen in this basin that the bench is made entirely of microcement. It continues with the tuning and the language that surrounds the microcemento, as a unifier of the whole basin. There is no element that is distorted or that does not have its place.

The chosen colour

It is this colour in the toilet and washroom that makes it so attractive and warm.

Microcemento is a perfect material for transmitting emotions and concepts. It is the best material to develop projects like this in bathrooms, toilets, spas and washbasins. Being a continuous coating is the best partner and companion. It is easy to imagine in different ideas and how it combines perfectly with any other noble material, making it special in bathrooms, toilets, sinks, kitchens and Turkish baths or hammams.

This bathroom, toilet and washbasin has a minimalist or hi tech design, which, combined with the warmth of the lighting. The work of the artist or team of architects Tomas Amat and Pablo Belda can be seen here.

The architects have managed to masterfully confer these two environments, minimalism and warmth, through microcement, light, woods and freeze-dried natural garden which gives it a green, fresh and very pleasant atmosphere. Minimalism is conferred by materials such as microcement.

But microcement is not just a continuous coating that is only suitable for bathrooms, spas, hammams or steam baths, toilets and sinks. Microcemento is a highly decorative finishing material that is very suitable for commercial premises, offices, warehouses and shops. There are many types of microcement, each of them designed and created for different spaces and rooms.

The Vertical Garden

Garden La Finca Elche Tencnocemento

Special and deserved mention to the vertical garden that is in the front wall of the bath, washbasin of the restaurant La Finca in Elche. This vertical garden is of natural origin and therefore increases its conceptual, aesthetic and decorative value.

It is here that the architects Tomas Amat and Pablo Belda have created a unique, fresh, green and natural space which, in combination with the microcement, leaves an impression. The end result of bringing together several colours is simply wonderful.

Furthermore, it is a garden that does not need any maintenance or watering, just dusting once a month… depending on the level of dust

These are the plants, leaves, flowers, lichens and mosses that have been used in the application:


– Liquen iceland en tres tonos, verde lima, verde caqui y verde natural.

– Plate en tres tonos, verde oscuro, verde amarillento y verde natural.

– Polemoss vert en dos tonos, verde pistacho y verde azulado.


-Hedera en tonos granates.

– Thuja verde natural.

– Hojas de Tiki verde vivo.

– Adiantum raddianum verde natural.


– Parvafolia verde natural.

– Baby blue verde natural.

– Nicoly granates.


– Amaranthus verde natural.

– Hortensia blanco roto.

– Base sintética auto extinguible (cumple normativa contra incendios).

– Adhesivo de contacto libre de solventes.

Wood and microcement: the perfect combination

Bathtub La Finca Elche Tecnocemento

This handmade sink in natural wood is the centrepiece of the bathroom, sink of the Restaurant La finca in Elche. Under the sink you can see the Tecnocemento brand microcement.

We see how wood looks in combination with microcement, and between these two materials which are highly decorative and aesthetic, they simply look beautiful in a bathroom, toilet, sink, spa with as much design as this one.

The structure of the basin is also handmade, and is made of gold-coloured brass. We can see how to perfectly combine such disparate colours as wood, gold brass, the green of the vertical garden and grey microcement. All this combination of colours and different materials together with the microcement cause an effect as innovative as it is surprising.

How would my home or business look with microcement?

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on how microcement can look in your home or business. We can show you projects where microcement has been combined in a very different way, don’t hesitate to contact us.