Last training course of TECNOCEMENTO 19

For TECNOCEMENTO, the training courses for the placers are an essential part of our work philosophy. Without them, as a rule and company philosophy, it is not possible to use the different products that will be applied. They are the first necessary step to develop an application in the different spaces where we intend to work. Spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, homes, etc… And in the best aesthetic and durability conditions, with the approval that this requires. In this post we tell you everything we did in the last TECNOCEMENTO training course.

Why attend TECNOCEMENTO training courses

Many people have not yet had any experience with this type of product. And many others whose experience has not been what they expected. For all of them, TECNOCEMENTO offers one of the most complete and dynamic courses of all those offered in the world of microcement.

Among those attending were: painters, bricklayers and plasterboard assemblers. They came from different areas of our geography (Bilbao, Barcelona, Mallorca, Alicante and Madrid). All of them, with an important interest in knowing our techniques and work processes.


The course was developed under the usual protocol, which provides all the knowledge experienced over more than 15 years of work and research of the company TECNOCEMENTO, under the eyes of its technical management, and offering and ensuring the highest level of training that serves the applicator for its subsequent implementation.

How the TECNOCEMENTO training courses are

The theoretical session

First of all, there is a theoretical session. In this session, the applicators are introduced to the basic concepts and ideas, in order to give them a broad and correct view of the world of microcement.

The practical session

Then, the main part of the course is developed, the practical session, the real protagonist of the Course. To show in a direct and detailed way how to undertake the different phases of microcement application. And to experience the application of the material by the applicators themselves.

Within the practical session, the three fundamental parts in the implementation process are shown as they are:

  • The correct adaptation and preparation of supports (very important to avoid any kind of future problem).
  • The application of the microcement product in its different references according to where it is to be applied.
  • and finally the application of the Final Finishes, that is, the protectors that favour the use of the coating in a total way.

All these concepts were assimilated by all the participants, attending to all the doubts and questions that most concern the application of a continuous coating.

Applying TECHNOCEMENT step by step

The various application steps were first carried out by the training technician. The trainers have unquestionable experience in hundreds of jobs with TECNOCEMENTO. These works have been developed in all type of places and spaces where their use has been requested (especially bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in the totality of a house). Without a doubt, the versatility of this product is one of the most attractive components when choosing a decorative covering. But, in addition to the spaces mentioned, its possibilities extend to more specific works such as exterior areas, kitchen and bathroom worktops, shower trays, stairs, furniture, etc.

Once the training technician started all the steps involved in the application process, it was the new Applicators who tested and experimented with the tool delivered the different products and textures. In addition, they witnessed the excellent workability and ease of work on the supports prepared for this purpose.

Coexistence in the TECNOCMENTO training courses

Coexistence in training courses In all courses, it is common to see good coexistence between the different participants. However, in this case it is worth highlighting as one of the best courses due to the great interest and desire to learn everything about the work processes in microcement. All this resulted in maintaining a very friendly atmosphere. Good moments were provided where they shared their own experiences as well as the work of each trade, depending on the occasion.

It was then that they began to talk about their fears and doubts when they started their first jobs, something completely normal. That is why most of them were very relieved and satisfied to know that the technical trainer, as well as the technical and commercial team, will be at their disposal at all times. This point is very important, as the continuous contact to solve any doubt or unexpected event that may arise allows the microcement work to be carried out as perfectly as possible.

In addition, the company TECNOCEMENTO recommends to always count on our technical trainer in the first real application, so that it serves as a reminder and total learning of all the concepts acquired in the Course. It provides to carry out the work in the best conditions and guarantees, and assures the most important thing, that the client remains satisfied.


The company TECNOCEMENTO feels highly proud and rewarded by the congratulations of all the applicators, before the possibility that they have had to be able to experience through their practices, the contents and information in this training course of TECNOCEMENTO. They also conveyed their desire to start applying TECNOCEMENTO in a very short time. In this sense, it is always advisable to experiment and to begin an application as soon as possible, before the data and information collected in this course can be forgotten.

On the part of the company TECNOCEMENTO, it has surprised that all of them stood out positively for their great ability in the way of handling the trowel, something that they will be grateful for when working with the product. And that without a doubt they have practiced in this training course of TECNOCEMENTO.

Finally, once they have received their diploma, as well as the manuals and samples that will undoubtedly help them on their new journey as Certified Applicators, it only remains to congratulate them and encourage them to put into practice everything they have learned in the TECNOCMENTO training course. To offer the possibility of applying this coating to all those customers or contacts that they may know. It is a good start that they promote to the professionals of the decorative and constructive sector (interior designers, decorators, architects. etc), their new stage of TECNOCEMENTO Applicator.

Do you want to attend the next TECNOCEMENTO training course? Please contact us.