Vintage style microcement

When you think of microcement cladding, many people think of a concrete wall or floor. But nothing could be further from the truth. Microcement has many possibilities. More than you can imagine. And in this post I am going to tell you what vintage style microcement is.

Vintage system

This vintage style microcement system patented by the company TECNOCEMENTO® consists of a special texturisation that takes place in the final process of applying the microcement and which varies greatly depending on the colour chosen.

This type of microcement can be used to decorate any type of space. Whether floors, walls, kitchen furniture, rooms, etc. It has the same advantages as the other systems as it does not require prior demolition and its maintenance is just as easy as the others.

style vintage Microcement bathroom

Vintage range of colors

One of the first differences we find between any other type of microcement style and vintage style microcement is its range of colours. Both the colour and the texture that can be created with this cladding is totally unique and different from the rest of the microcement cladding you have seen before. The originality of the colour and textures manages to create unique and ideal spaces for lovers of rustic or vintage decoration.

A microcement with a lot of personality

Vintage style microcement is not for everyone, as it is a cladding with a very marked and particular personality. If you are a lover of rustic decoration, this type of cladding may suit you very well. A clear example of this are these two works where the furniture is made of wood. As we can see, the vintage style microcement gives the rooms that personality.

vintage style

Modern spaces with vintage microcement

But not everything is that old or rustic style, there are also other examples in which the vintage style creates unique spaces but much more minimalist and less cluttered. One of these examples is the photograph below. Where all the furniture is created with microcement and the touch of originality is provided by the vintage style microcement wall. As you can see, compared to the examples of overloaded works that we have seen above, in this bathroom we can see how good it is to create spaces with minimalist furniture.

vintage style microcement minimalist

Furniture with vintage microcement

If you want to bring some originality to your home without overloading it, a good option is to use vintage microcement in the furniture. Here is an example of furniture in which our vintage microcement has been applied.

Do you want to renovate your home with vintage style microcement?

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