Key parts to be taken when applying microcement

To achieve quality finishes with a continuous coating always keep in mind that, when applying the microcement, certain aspects previously, during and after application. The organization during the works is essential for the success in our applications. Microcement is highly used in many construction areas, so knowing how to combat the previous adaptation is vital for an excellent finish.

Applying Tecnocemento microcement

Working with a medium temperature

The ideal temperature to apply this system ranges from 10 to 26 degrees. Outside of these temperatures the material may be affected, as in an material used in high temperatures, such as rapid dehydration of the applied material. In winter, on the other hand, the hardening of the material may take longer to harden.

We recommend the following steps:

– Keep the product in its original packaging in a dry and cool place.

– Start working early hours (when there are high temperatures)

– In summer avoid working the hours of maximum exposure to the sun (12:00-18:00).

The pigment mixture

This pigment (in powder) is included in our system, mixed with the polymer and then with the microcement. During this mixture, the grain of the pigment must be properly broken, so that the colour is evenly distributed.

Protection of the floor and other surfaces

In the case of new apartments or remodels involving construction and other type of works, our recommendation is to adapt the support and reserve the microcement application once the rest of the relevant works have been completed, in order to guarantee a good finish of the microcement application. That said, whether you are carrying out a small or large construction work, it is very important to protect the floor and the rest of surfaces.

It is convenient not to skimp on cardboards and protective covers. The use of cheap plastic or tape is not recommended to cover certain surfaces. If unsuitable materials are used for the protection, they can be easily damaged causing that the protected areas get dirty and damaged.

trowel for applying microcement

Organization at the construction site

It is important to keep the work are clean, and define our application areas to avoid other professional workers coming in our applications. All the tools have to be kept cleaned during the application to reach pleasant textures; Dust must be always eliminated, both walls and floors, to benefit the adhesion of following layers, just like using quality tools and equipment to get an ideal final finish.

The works must be previously organized in accordance with the material to be applied, in this case the microcement. Being a distributor of this system will give you all the knowledge to obtain optimal results and quality finishes.

Being an applicator or distributor of TECNOCEMENTO microcement

At TECNOCEMENTO we have been applying microcement for more than 15 years, so we know the complexity of working with this product, as well as the aspects to follow in order to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting finish in our works. For this reason, we train applicators and distributors who want to apply and distribute our product. You can see our training courses for applicators here.

On the other hand, if you are already an applicator and you are looking for a simpler system with which you can obtain very good results, we offer you our ready-to-use microcement CEMENTEC. Find out all about this product here.