Microcement in outdoors

We are used to seeing microcement in interiors (especially in bathrooms and kitchens), but can microcement be applied outdoors? The answer is yes, microcement can be applied outdoors and also with an original, optimal and long-lasting result.

microcemento in outdoors

Outdoor spaces with microcement

When we talk about exteriors, we are not only referring to the floor or walls of a balcony or terrace, especially if you want to create a continuous space between the floor and walls of your dining room and that of your terrace or balcony, the result of which is spectacular, but also in the swimming pool area.

Decorating the space around the swimming pool with microcement is an option that, if you like this decorative covering, you should consider. If the idea of using grass (artificial or natural) does not appeal to you, microcement may be the solution. Moreover, you can use the same material for all the furniture (outdoor stairs, armchairs, benches, etc.).

Another exterior space where microcement can be used is on the façade. Differentiate your home from the rest thanks to microcement.

Microcemento High Transit for outdoors

The exterior is an area exposed to changes in temperature, but also to rain, sun, hail, snow, etc. That is why TECNOCEMENTO has created a special microcement for outdoor areas: High Transit.

The High Transit system is a specific coating for application on outdoor paving, as it has maximum mechanical resistance, superior to polished cement, but without losing its aesthetic beauty.

This system avoids possible problems that may appear on the surface of outdoor microcement, such as the appearance of damp or deterioration due to impact and traffic.

microcement in outdoors

Colours for applying microcement in exteriors

In TECNOCEMENTO we have a wide range of colours and all of them are available for application with the High Transit system. So the possibilities are endless. It is worth highlighting one quality of the colour of microcement and that is that when the sun hits its surface it manages to transform it in a beautiful way, so you will never get tired of seeing it, as each time it will seem as if you are seeing it for the first time. We always recommend light colours for exteriors, as over the years, dark colours can lose some of their tone.

Cleaning microcement in exteriors

Cleaning is the same as for any space covered with microcement (with neutral soap or, if a Finish Forte Plus finish has been used, any type of product can be used).

Installing microcement on exteriors

One of the essential parts for micro-cement to last over the years is the correct adaptation of the substrate and the correct application. Therefore, if you are thinking of using microcement in your home, at TECNOCEMENTO we have the most innovative systems, adapted to the needs of each home and professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Contact us and we will give you all the information you need or a no obligation quote.