Dear Applicator, today we are going to tell you how we manage to reform a deteriorated microcement floor thanks to our ready-to-use CEMENTEC microcement. Because when it comes to reform with ready to use CEMENTEC microcement, you know you’re not taking any chances.

The reform with microcement ready to use

When someone decides to reform their home or part of it with a continuous coating such as microcement, it must be clear that they are looking for different and innovative results. Microcement CEMENTEC is a material that makes for very versatile coverings.

One of the things that microcement is most often liked for is its ability to achieve harmony in walls, floors and even furniture, as these surfaces can be covered with the same product, without showing a break between them.

Another of the things that customers who have micro-cement applied to them tend to like the most is that it is a material that has a clean application, without the need for building work. It does not generate rubble or dust. Since it can be applied directly to almost any type of support.

But what happens if microcement is misapplied?

The results of poorly executed microcement

As we can see in this soil to which microcement had been applied only a year ago, the deterioration was more than evident. It was not in the conditions it should be. This is not what any of our reform with ready to use CEMENTEC microcement look like.

Poor execution in the treatment of the load-bearing base can lead to the appearance of cracks in the microcement. The same applies to a damp substrate. This must be pre-treated to ensure that it is transmitted to the microcement.

As the exterior is exposed to changes in temperature, special attention and care must be taken to prepare the base where the microcement is to be applied. This is the only way to achieve resistance and durability.

reformas con microcemento

Hands on: Reforms with ready-to-use CEMENTEC microcement

As we have already mentioned, a good preparation of the support base is essential for the correct application of the microcement. That is why at CEMENTEC we have tested each of our base preparation products so that our ready to use microcement achieves maximum performance.

In this reform, the High Transit system was used, one of the ready-to-use microcement systems that we have developed at CEMENTEC, with the same ease of application as the rest of our systems but with high mechanical characteristics (due to its technology and additives) that make it perfect for application on large surfaces (such as the surface of the renovation that this client had to do) and high resistance to wear and tear, making this product perfect for high-traffic areas, or outdoor areas.

Although we had to spend a lot of time removing the old microcement and adjusting the support base to be able to apply our CEMENTEC micro-cement, thanks to being a ready to use microcement, we were able to save a lot of time in preparing and kneading the product.

microcemento mal ejecutado

Amazing results thanks to CEMENTEC ready to use microcement

As you can see, both cracks and dampness have completely disappeared from the floor. The surface has been revived thanks to the choice of colour and the decorative result obtained with the ready to use CEMENTEC microcement. Best of all, thanks to the High Transit product, the customer is assured of a microcement that will last for years and you will have done a great job.

Do you know our ready to use microcement CEMENTEC?

Reforms with ready to use CEMENTEC microcement are easier than ever. It is a ductile and malleable product with great resistance. No prior training is required for installation, as anyone can install it by following our online tutorials and telephone advice.

Con un abanico de 12 colores y diferentes resistencias, el microcemento listo al uso CEMENTEC, es el microcemento con mayor calidad y mejor precio del mercado. Lo mejor: puedes adquirirlo totalmente online y en cualquier parte del mundo.

With a range of 12 colours and different strengths, CEMENTEC ready-to-use microcement is the highest quality and best priced microcement on the market. The best thing: you can purchase it completely online and anywhere in the world.

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