Why renovate your kitchen with microcement

The kitchen is usually one of the areas of the home that we tend to feel ages much more over the years. Perhaps it is because in the rest of the house (with the exception of the bathrooms) we make, over time, small or big changes that make us feel that we are in a new space: we put new paintings, we change the television, the sofas, the bed, etc. However, in the kitchen, with the exception of buying the odd new utensil, it always seems to be the same. If you feel that the time has come to give it a radical change and rejuvenate one of the most important spaces in the house, I will tell you why renovate your kitchen with microcement can be a great idea.

por qué renovar tu cocina con microcemento Tecnocemento

Create minimalist spaces

Microcement is one of the most fashionable materials lately. If you have been browsing through decoration magazines you will have been able to check it out. It brings a modern touch to the room and, above all, it is minimalist.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, microcement creates a feeling of spaciousness thanks to the fact that it is a continuous cladding. Therefore, if you are a lover of uncluttered and minimalist spaces, microcement is just what you need to renovate your kitchen.

Not only for walls and floors

Not only can you renovate the floors and walls of your kitchen with microcement, but also the furniture. Thus offering the possibility of decorating, with the same material, worktop, sink, island, shelves…etc. It combines very well with any other type of material such as wood, stone or metals (very common materials in kitchens).

Forget about annoying building work

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to renovate their kitchens with microcement is because it can be applied to almost any surface. This eliminates the dreaded nuisances that are usually caused by building work at home, such as dust or debris, among others.

why renovate your kitchen with microcement

Save time in cleaning and maintenance

An indisputable advantage of microcement is that it is an easy material to clean and maintain, with a cloth and a little neutral soap it is more than enough. And this saves a lot of time, as in the kitchen a lot of dirt is generated by the vapours, oils and grease that tends to accumulate on walls, furniture and above all in the joints.

As for the maintenance of microcement in kitchens, it is very simple, as you only need to apply a wax once a month. Visit our post on products for cleaning microcement.

Renovate your kitchen with Tecnocemento microcement

I’m not going to deceive you, applying microcement is not easy and it must be done by a trained team if you want to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results. Adequate support will prevent problems from occurring during the application of microcement.
Therefore, if you are thinking of applying microcement, in Tecnocemento we have more than 15 years of experience as manufacturers, distributors and applicators of microcement. Ask for a no obligation quote.